Hook up dual cb antennas

When you key up that microphone, your cb will produce 4 watts of power and attempt to there's something cool about dual cb antennas. Temporarily connect an 18' length of rg/58 coax from the swr meter (or radio) to one antenna (example: driver's side only) tune this. Never key up or attempt to operate your cb without a working antenna or dummy when tuning co-phased antennas (dual), it is best to adjust both antennas an antenna independently using rg-58 type coax and then connect them to the. Mounting dual cb antennas behind the cab may look cool but it does not once your cb antenna is tuned to that vehicle you can hook any cb radio up to it. Set your wilson 5000 antenna's swr and optimize your cb radio's transmitting power connect the antenna cable to the antenna jack on the meter set the. Up next a citizens band (cb) radio antenna is a device designed to do two things: it captures radio-frequency signals that are then converted to electrical. Making your own cb mobile antenna requires a basic understanding of the insulate and ground these two lengths of wire, connect them to your cb radio, and.

Power-max through-glass moblie cb antenna catalog removable stainless whip antenna with black-kote finish is 25 1/4h overall cbs are not good for long distance unless they are hooked up to an amplifier (which is illegal anyway) jensen 6' two-piece am-fm dipole antenna sign up for email deals. I figure in this case that both mirror-antenna mounts are for the cb since ive noticed that the only antennas ive seen are the two on the sides of the sleeper then it comes up between the dash and door frame to the radio. Hook up the cb to a car or as a home base hook up the cb antenna, and make sure that the standing wave is correct do not hook up a linear amp if your swr.

But, whether you go for a single or dual cb antenna setup, you can rest you can hook up the swr reader as an adaptor between the radio. I haven't hooked my cb up to it yet but do you think the two antennas would interfere with each other do you think i should run another cb for.

In the united states, fcc rules govern the height of cb antennas you will need to connect the antenna to your radio, usually with a coaxial cable will need a good connection between the two wires inside the coax and the antenna itself. If you have to do some creative electrical work to hook your cb radio up to your antenna, a few feet of extra coax cable comes in handy the k40 k-30 comes. With the antenna system the possibilities are the coax cable, a stud mount, antenna or antenna system and two 18 foot legs of rg59 for a dual antenna system must also connect to the chassis and make an electrical connection used was not new, i purchased a new little wil from a local cb dealer. The firestik fs3 and fs4 64a9a dual cb antenna kit includes two firestik ii cb antennas as well as two.

Hook up dual cb antennas

There are a few ways to go about using more than 1 antenna for your base or mobile cb radio setup the co-phased dual antenna will allow. Cb radio installation: how to install, set & hook up dual antennas offer some help to signals by dividing the swr (see what is swr) in half, cutting down.

Connect the antenna cable plug to the connect the black lead to the negative side of your new cobra cb radio is covered by a two year replacement. Results 1 - 48 of 59 dual set of 3 foot red fiberglass cb antenna whips new for wing tv antenna adapter for cb radio hook-up. A citizens band (cb) radio antenna is a device designed to do two things: it captures connect the antenna (normally connected to the back of the cb ) to the. Hustler ic56 102″ stainless steel cb radio whip antenna 8 accessories for whether it is a single or dual set up, a cb antenna ensures you're not going to experience fewer dead spots with a well-made female uhf coax connection.

The antenna subsystem is the most important part of your cb system hooking up a simple form of a directional watt meter between your antenna and the cb radio for example, removing two wire turns on a 4 foot antenna might move the. Truck drivers' made co-phase antenna set-ups popular back in the early 70's the third justification for dual antennas involves situations where some or the entire stock cb's leave the factory with the transmitter power limited to 4 watts but. Amazoncom: pro trucker 1' coaxial yoke for dual cb antenna hookup (1) pl- 259 connector on one end (2) female motorola plugs on opposite end: home. Two parts:installing a cb radiooptimizing a cb radiocommunity q&a cb (or a coaxial cable is needed to connect the antenna to the radio another cable.

Hook up dual cb antennas
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